To Zico

One word for you Z-z-zico. WOWWW. Your music is literally bomb affff and kills me every time I listen to you! And literally your newest music video “I am You, You are Me” is legit FLAMESSS and so very WELL DONE. I can’t get over how much I love it soo very muchhh!! MONEY FLOWs through my brain every time I watch it! I’ve watched it over 10x bc I’m obsessed!! Like its sooo cool and everything about it is so cool and the colors and set up ZicoGQKorea2and everything and you are just so cool like I can’t. Your music appeals to both BOYS AND GIRLS. Like legit my most favorite rapper and you are truly a rap GODD Zico! A straight up TOUGH COOKIE! Listening to your songs literally kills me like a PREDATOR they are just way too good. I don’t care how much your special limited edition album is I’m gonna buy it and when it arrives in the mail all I’m gonna scream is EUREKA! But srsly I’m broke af but idgaf. I’d listen to your songs everyday and not get tired of it at all. Man, VENI VIDI VICI! You came, you saw, and you sure did conquer! OKEY DOKEY im outttiee!


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